Yuseph "Black Lotus" Stroyuv

Stowaway hacker


Yuseph is a young boy, probably 14. He has white hair that has dyed. His black roots are already starting to show. His eyes have been fitted with an augmented reality display that, when combined with the neural interface and tactile feedback enhancements on his fingers allow him to use his own brain and body as a full workstation. He wears a sweater that is far too big for him with the logo of the “Free Voice”, an organization that publishes news that the government would prefer to keep hidden. He is pale and malnourished but, there is an intensity in his eyes.


Youseph is one of the “forgotten boys” from the slums of earth. He has stowed away on the S.S. Infiltrator as part of his mission with the “free voice.” He lives in the conduits deep in the belly of the ship where he can tap into the data feeds without being bothered.

Yuseph "Black Lotus" Stroyuv

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