Genesis: discovery

Then there were two

The plural of datum is data

"My name? Wow. I've been alone on this boat and forgot all about manners. My name is Yuseph. I go by Black lotus or just Lotus. Either way is cool with me."

Yuseph makes a face like he is smelling something bad and gestures in the air for a bit. Then frowns.

"Someone else must have been tapping your comms. You've got a message coming in… "

He begins to back away and starts eyeing his path back up to his perch of stolen bedding and canned food.

"Get yourself in order. I'll bounce a message your way when I need to. You can drop messages into the system encrypted with this key… I'll pick it up."

He tosses another data packet. This one is a small black flower. It looks delicate. Another packet follows, this one rough and inelegant.

"This is a script that will put the whole ship on lockdown. It causes a malfunction on the timing channel for all doors, lifeboats, etc. It won't stop them forever but, it will annoy them and slow them down. It'll look like an ordinary malfunction to them. Be careful and don't get caught with that though. Cool?"



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