Genesis: discovery

Lunch time

You are sitting at the table with a…odd choice of food. Beans, peas, a hamburger, a hotdog and a salad. It all looks artificial or so weird it looks like something poisonous. Fortunately (or unfortunately), a group of soldiers and the infamous captain of the extraction/ rescue squad sit on the same table as you. You hear this: "I don't feel so good about traveling to the Lorey Galaxy. It feels…..nevermind." one of the soldier said to they group. The captain  replied "Quit your whining or I'll drag you back to earth on an escape pod". The Lorey galaxy? that was the place that had rumors of a unknown anomaly that works like a black hole, engulfing everything near it. And it moves extremely quickly.

Attention all people aboard the SS infiltration, prepare for light speed!
traces of lost colony ship found in the Lorey galaxy.

Attention! the pilot of SS infiltration, Riese, has found a distress beacon on an undiscovered planet in the Lorey galaxy. Please get into a lightspeed protection chamber and get ready!

Lex's Log: 1

Damn! The Lorey Galaxy? Isn't it that place captain whatshisface was talkin' about?

I hope theres going to be some good old fashioned fighting when we get there! Better grab my fun-guns… Now where did I put them?

Oh well. Better get into that chamber! Don't want to be turned into a pancake. Though that'd be better than eating these.. veggies they're servin' us.

Please exit your chamber

Attention! We have made our 1 day jump to the Lorey galaxy and we suggest that you exit your lightspeed chamber. lunch is in floor thirty-two on the left wing. Thank you for your cooperation.


I feel gross. ..Maybe I'm gonna barf? Hmm that was my first time space jumpin' or whatever they call it.

More lunch? Eh.. I think I'll just.. take a nap.


Attention! extraction teams have been attacked by some mysterious creature inside a missing colony ship escape pod. They captured the creature, now named subject 201, and we need all soldiers at docking bay 2. We also need ENGR. Richthofen to find a safe way to extract subject 201.


What the hell?

Crashed escape pod? Those guys attacked by the thing inside it?

Well crud. Sounds bad.. Better get to Bay 2.

Wonder who that "subject 201" guy is.. or used to be??

The attack

As you walk over to the pod with your guns drawn, ENGR. Richtofen opens the hatch and the thing instantly attacks Richthofen, then charges at cooper, who is knocked out. The thing rampages until it looks directly at you, ready to fight. You need to act quick.

There was no boom

There was no boom when my bullet exited the chamber, only a dull thud followed by the crunch of bone. Optimal, through the head. I get up, and aim at it again, ready to fire.

"Hey, looks like I came just in time."

What? Who-
Lex's Log

What the? Who did that? Just in the quick of time but.. I could've handled it!


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