Genesis: discovery

Attention! Subject 201 has escaped.

All elite soldiers please report to the B sections, as subject 201 has escaped. All soldiers from recruit to captain please guard the elevators to A sections and C sections from B sections. All engineers please report to the command center for further instructions. Elite commander Rieker will escort you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Yutaka: amateur terrorist
A tale of sabotage.

Yutaka mulls over the message, then says "They know. Someone knows about us. News travels too fast." Yutaka does a reset, removing everyone's back door into his comms, optics, and any other cybernetic component.

ų͏nķ̕ǹoẃ͞n͢͟ ̵̀́t͢͠ra̸n͟s͝ḿ̴͝i̡ş͝҉s͠i̷̡͡on̴̢

I҉f̧ ͞a̷̧n̸̛͞y̛o͡n̷̶͜e̷ ̧͢ça͟͞n̴̨ h̵̨eŗe͏̶ ţḩ̛is̶̀,̧ ͢҉͏i'm̛͢ ͜͠fr̀́͡o͘m͡ t̵͘h̛ę͡ ͜c̵͞rás͘͜h̨͟e̵d ͝c̛ol̕o͡͏ny̡̧͝ ̸sh̸i̕͜p̶͠.̶͞ ̀Ẃ̷̀e̵͢͏ ͏n̵̶ȩ̀e͢d̨͟ ̧͜͟h͏͏e̷̕lp̶͜.̴ S͘͠o̢̕m͠҉e̶̕͘t͠͝ḩi̷͢ǹ̷̡g͘ i̛̕͏s͜͢ ͞h̢͡ų̧͢n͞͝t̶in̵g ̀͘ù̵s d̨̕ǫ̨̀wn͢҉ ̵͜an̷d͟ w͏é ̕n̷͘͟e͟҉e͘d̨ ̶̧h̛é͜l͢p̕҉.͜ ͝͠I̢͢'̨͘m̨͘͡ s̨͜e҉͞҉n͏̧d̕͠i̢͘͜n̕g̴̨ c̀o̷o̸r̶͘͟ḑì͡n̸̨͜a͢t͝͏e̵͞͠s͢. ̵W̸̢e̡͜ ͏͞s̀҉h̶o͞u̡̕͏l͠d- n̵o ̵͡n̴̕o̴̢ ͞͝no̶ ̶͢no̡͝ ̴n͞o ҉ (̀S̡C͠R̶Ę̨͡AM͘͏S̴͜)̧̡

Attention! 30 minutes until Pods drop!

Code red, code red. drop pods will drop in 30 minutes. All elite soldiers report to B24 now!

Then there were two
The plural of datum is data

"My name? Wow. I've been alone on this boat and forgot all about manners. My name is Yuseph. I go by Black lotus or just Lotus. Either way is cool with me."

Yuseph makes a face like he is smelling something bad and gestures in the air for a bit. Then frowns.

"Someone else must have been tapping your comms. You've got a message coming in… "

He begins to back away and starts eyeing his path back up to his perch of stolen bedding and canned food.

"Get yourself in order. I'll bounce a message your way when I need to. You can drop messages into the system encrypted with this key… I'll pick it up."

He tosses another data packet. This one is a small black flower. It looks delicate. Another packet follows, this one rough and inelegant.

"This is a script that will put the whole ship on lockdown. It causes a malfunction on the timing channel for all doors, lifeboats, etc. It won't stop them forever but, it will annoy them and slow them down. It'll look like an ordinary malfunction to them. Be careful and don't get caught with that though. Cool?"

listen up Yutaka.
the bane is talking to Yutaka

(you hear someone hacking in to your comm link) Hey! You're a captain right?  Please, do this for me. I need you to make a distraction so that they can't launch the pods. Listen, I can give you anything you need for your free voice thingy. Just make sure they don't get to the temple. I don't want another disaster, so please! No one contacted me when I hacked the A.I an I knew you would help me. If you have questions, I saved my number on your comm. If you want to see me in person, my ship has been following the infiltration and I will be happy to have you over, as well as  anyone who will help you. For now, you can call me Sierra.

All captains please go to the drop pods

Attention all captains- including RO- please go to the VIP drop pods. Our extraction teams need backup. All elite class soldiers please report to B24, do NOT bring anyone with you. Code red I repeat, code red.

The traitor smiles.
Yutaka is grinning.

Yutaka waits for Yuseph to finish his speech, all while grinning. Yutaka then says: "Intelligence doesn't know bounds of age. The name is Yutaka, is the database off? Well, I'll tell you. I'm Yutaka, I specialize in long-range kills and hard-light constructs." He then shakes Yuseph's hand. "What's your name? We're in the same boat anyway, might as well be able to point each other​ out by name."

Filling​in Yuseph
Yutaka: amateur terrorist.

"Well, nice to meet you Lotus… I might need to use it sooner than expected. This thing calls themselves​ Sarah, they don't want us to land… They know about the free voice."

Yutaka begins running a full sweep, making certain only he has access to his arm, comma, and optics.

The Zero-G Bernoulli Principle
In which serious soldiers learn to fly

Yuseph begins laughing happily as he jumps from his perch, high above Yakuta. He lands low and quietly. He is small and thin and looks Yakuta in the eyes with a wide smile.

"Mr. Yakuta", he says "Welcome to the Free Voice. At 0800 hours, the gravity on this ship will be deactivated for approximately 15 minutes. You've also sent a packet with a marker that can be decrypted to show that it came from you. In that sense, you are on the line. At the same time, I've shown you my face and you know that I've been stowing aboard the ship so, in that sense, I am on the line."

He takes a deep breath and exhales slowly.

"You and I are in it together Mr. Yakuta. I've seen your past and you haven't been a good man. However, it's been taught to me time and again that nobody is ever past redemption. Thus, I say that you haven't been a good man. But, you can become one. This is just the first step. We need to find out what they're hiding about the colony ship. There is no way that they send a military escort after a single colony ship. That just doesn't make sense."

"I know, you're probably feeling duped by a kid. I understand the frustration. All I can say is that for our mutual benefit, you should look past my age and look at the opportunity for redemption."

The speech came out as if he had rehearsed it. He hadn't. On the outside, he looks calm and in control but, inside his body feels incredibly tense. This is a big risk. Even with the contingency plan, this is a huge risk. His eyes dart to the right where his augmented display shows his contingency package. 'I don't ever want to use that,' he thinks.

He sticks his hand out, "I'm looking forward to working with you Mr. Yakuta."


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