Genesis: discovery

Filling​in Yuseph
Yutaka: amateur terrorist.

"Well, nice to meet you Lotus… I might need to use it sooner than expected. This thing calls themselves​ Sarah, they don't want us to land… They know about the free voice."

Yutaka begins running a full sweep, making certain only he has access to his arm, comma, and optics.

The Zero-G Bernoulli Principle
In which serious soldiers learn to fly

Yuseph begins laughing happily as he jumps from his perch, high above Yakuta. He lands low and quietly. He is small and thin and looks Yakuta in the eyes with a wide smile.

"Mr. Yakuta", he says "Welcome to the Free Voice. At 0800 hours, the gravity on this ship will be deactivated for approximately 15 minutes. You've also sent a packet with a marker that can be decrypted to show that it came from you. In that sense, you are on the line. At the same time, I've shown you my face and you know that I've been stowing aboard the ship so, in that sense, I am on the line."

He takes a deep breath and exhales slowly.

"You and I are in it together Mr. Yakuta. I've seen your past and you haven't been a good man. However, it's been taught to me time and again that nobody is ever past redemption. Thus, I say that you haven't been a good man. But, you can become one. This is just the first step. We need to find out what they're hiding about the colony ship. There is no way that they send a military escort after a single colony ship. That just doesn't make sense."

"I know, you're probably feeling duped by a kid. I understand the frustration. All I can say is that for our mutual benefit, you should look past my age and look at the opportunity for redemption."

The speech came out as if he had rehearsed it. He hadn't. On the outside, he looks calm and in control but, inside his body feels incredibly tense. This is a big risk. Even with the contingency plan, this is a huge risk. His eyes dart to the right where his augmented display shows his contingency package. 'I don't ever want to use that,' he thinks.

He sticks his hand out, "I'm looking forward to working with you Mr. Yakuta."

A ex-soldier is far too serious.
A tale of betrayal.

"… What's in it?" Yutaka begins uploading it to the intranet, worried that it's something incriminating.

The Prank
In which a serious man must do something silly

[Prove Loyalty By Dropping This Data Packet Into the Intranet]

A small packet of densely packed and encrypted code is sent to Yakuta. The code is so obfuscated that it is completely unreadable. It could be a viral package or it could be old cartoons. There was no way of knowing. The data took the form of a small fish. Koi. Long extinct back on earth. The fish floated in the datastream of Yakuta's mind.

[Upload The Packet And Your Loyalty Is Proven.]

A hopeful soldier...
Yutaka is less nervous.

"You know it's not kind to give someone with such deeply blood stained hands hope. You know… Sure, I'll give and uncover truth. What do I have to do to prove my loyalty or something?" Yutaka begins generating a 27^3 rubix cube out of his arm, it's hard-light.

A phishing expedition

Yuseph blinks slowly, his mouth makes the movements to make certain that he heard the words correctly, "hard-light generator?" He shakes his head, no matter. Lets move forward. He gestures around him to gather his escape scripts. Little snippets of code that do various different things in order to give him time to get away and hide. One among them scares him. It's his worst-case scenario. He looks away from it and gets to work tracing Yakuta's systems and slowly gaining access to them.

[We Are The Free Voice]

[We Are The Sword Of Truth That Shatters Lies]

He almost giggles to himself, "sword of truth?" They always did say that Yuseph has a flair for the dramatic. After all, why on earth would he have stowed aboard a government ship going to the Lorey Galaxy.

[We Have Accessed Your Optics And Are Currently Inspecting Your Backups]

Brief images flow by Yakuta's eyes. Violence, death and Suppression. Then, a still shot of the explosion from an external camera. Yakuta can see that other soldiers were there but, he lay there burning for a while before he got himself up and left the view of the camera.

[No Violence For Us.]

[We Only Care For The Truth]

[Will You Uncover The Truth?]

A tired soldier...
The bigger the kills, the bigger the guilt.

Yutaka freezes, then begins panicking. "I-i can't trust you! W-which did you hack, my optics, or my hard-light generator?!" Yutaka fiddles with his arm a bit, and a light shines out. "A-answer me these three questions, truthfully. Who do you work for? How did you access me? Do… Do your terms require violence? I'll… Accept whatever terms you want, if you answer those to my liking…" A strange thing in recorded in his optics, after every fight, he disappears for hours. The optics are also unusually private, transmitting everything to his arm, Similar to a backup…

Synergistic Underlying Creative Communication In Time
A hack, a prank and a recruitment attempt

High above Yakuta, Yuseph looks down.

In one sense, he is concerned for the man. He's given himself and doesn't feel that the governement has given him enough back. On the other hand, this man is a butcher. Through his neural interface, Yuseph pages through the man's psychological profile and history. The notes are extensive. It's obvious that Yakuta is smart. Possibly a genius but, he's also rash, violent and incredibly arrogant. Still, having someone else on his team could help Yuseph immensely.

He thinks back to his own recruitment.

The "Voice" does things in a certain way. Why not continue the tradition and see where is leads? At this thought, he begins his attempt. Invisible tendrils of purely digital information snake out from Yuseph's mind (at least, that's always how he imagined it) as he begin the process of reaching out. He is slow and methodical. The signal is bounced all through the ship so that it can't be traced back to him.

The message arrives in bold green letters with flowers and grass growing on them. The images seeming to hover about a foot away from Yakuta. The floating words are a consequence of Yakuta's hacked optical interface.


[Do You Need A Friend?]

[Speak And Be Heard.]

[Do You Want To Strike Back?]

[They Don't Care If You Live Or Die.]

[Even Now, They Throw Bodies To The Beasts.]

[Profit Is All That Matters To Them.]

[Join Us and Fight Back.]

Attention! Go to drop pods

This is an emergency. We have found a colony ship. All soldiers go to drop pods.

Some bits about Yutaka is revealed.

Yutaka, now furious, truges to the conduits, where he could siphon power and not be over heard. Yuseph heard him before he was fully inside saying something about "I sacrificed my arm, for what?! So they could treat me like a-a-a random engineer?! Well then, let's see how they fare with me against them, hmm?! I've done far too much for the government, for what?! So I don't see my family ever again?! So… I don't see anyone I know again… My child, their probably old by now… Oh god, I'm a terrible dad. I vowed not to be like him, but then the draft…" Captain Yutaka seems to be crying, Yuseph can hear this whole rant clearly. Yutaka is now making small trinkets, then throwing them at the wall. The overwhelming guilt of the 500+ that he's killed now showing, he sinks down and begins to cry in his arms.



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