SPC. Lex Vanisque

Fast to Action, Doesn't think about the consequences


Lex never thinks about what he’s doing next. He just does it. A lot of times that results in him going to the infirmary but he still does it. He looks a bit wild but when needed, he’s quite stealthy and quiet… but only for a short time! He’s about 5’9 in height, and weights about 195 without the armor.


Full Name: Lex Christopher Vanisque
Age: 31
Weapon of choice: Anything thats handy! He once used a cat as a weapon. True story.
Backstory: Unknown really. He somtimes talks about his uncle that took him to some cool places but not really anyone else.

Rank: Specialist/SPC.

SPC. Lex Vanisque

Genesis: discovery Untrustworthy